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Mujuru death: Coroner's Bill hopeless says Joice

Opposition leader and former vice president Joice Mujuru is not pinning her hopes on the Coroner's Office Bill to finally bring closure to the mysterious death of her husband, Solomon, who died in an inferno at their Beatrice farm in 2011.

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⌚ 15:59:06  (standardmedia.co.ke) 

James Orengo and Jimi Wanjigi to join Raila Odinga at Morgan Tsvangirai's funeral

⌚ 17:00:52  (whig.com) 

France argues World Court has no jurisdiction in graft case

⌚ 05:31:51  (herald.co.zw) 

Ex-jailbird up for murder

⌚ 01:33:43  (newsday.co.zw) 

14 suspended school heads go for a year without salaries

⌚ 00:48:20  (newsday.co.zw) 

Impossible is nothing

⌚ 14:33:30  (huffingtonpost.co.za) 

Hawks Aren't Hunting Duduzane Zuma And Atul Gupta – Just Yet

⌚ 02:02:53  (bulawayo24.com) 

Killed over girlfriends

⌚ 02:07:11  (thenationonlineng.net) 

Reason behind calls for Buhari's resignation, by lawyers, activists

⌚ 05:15:34  (herald.co.zw) 

Violence mars Tsvangirai burial

⌚ 06:12:41  (clicklancashire.com) 

Gupta brothers arein Dubai now

⌚ 05:12:07  (chronicle.co.zw) 

VIDEO: Activists disrupt national healing meeting

⌚ 05:31:51  (herald.co.zw) 

Tsvangirai, multi-party democracy in Zim

⌚ 04:38:33  (cnet.com) 

2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS races into Geneva with 520 hp

⌚ 05:37:31  (herald.co.zw) 

Zim targets 3m tourists: Kaseke

⌚ 05:11:38  (chronicle.co.zw) 

UGLY SCENES AT FUNERAL. . . Tsvangirai buried in Buhera

⌚ 05:31:51  (herald.co.zw) 

Minister Parirenyatwa sued

⌚ 05:11:39  (chronicle.co.zw) 

Cabinet approves $170m Beitbridge Border expansion

⌚ 05:10:27  (chronicle.co.zw) 

'NRZ revival to cut transport costs'

⌚ 04:31:26  (herald.co.zw) 

Tsvangirai family defends stance on widow

⌚ 16:51:33  (theguardian.com) 

Is Spotify getting ready to challenge Apple with its own speaker?

⌚ 05:37:31  (herald.co.zw) 

Manyenyeni survives ouster plot

⌚ 12:52:25  (xinhuanet.com) 

Kenyan opposition figures allowed to fly to Zimbabwe

⌚ 09:03:05  (bulawayo24.com) 

Mnangagwa appoints Retired Justice Nare as NPRC Chairperson

⌚ 05:19:34  (chronicle.co.zw) 

Zim targets 2.8m tourist arrivals

⌚ 08:14:33  (computerworld.com) 

Google's latest beta hints at what should be a key Android P feature

⌚ 06:38:26  (somalilandpress.com) 

The Rebirth of Somaliland: An Inspiration of Democracy and Pluralism in Africa

⌚ 08:06:03  (news24.com) 

Woman arrested with Thulsie twins now faces kidnapping and other charges in KZN

⌚ 05:31:51  (herald.co.zw) 

Drinking to Mugabe's best health . . . his legacy is safe

⌚ 07:46:34  (xinhuanet.com) 

UN highlights resilience in overcoming famine threats in Somalia

⌚ 08:22:33  (argus-press.com) 

AZ Forecast

⌚ 14:15:00  (uk.reuters.com) 

Kenya allows opposition figures to travel after barring them overnight

⌚ 14:46:49  (newsday.co.zw) 

Zimbabwe will still mark 'Robert Mugabe Day'

⌚ 08:52:33  (thezimbabwedaily.com) 

A stronger Rand: good and bad news for Zimbabwe

⌚ 16:41:33  (futurecurrencyforecast.com) 

Pound to South African Rand Exchange Rate Rebounds from Six-Month-Lows

⌚ 10:18:55  (saharareporters.com) 

Zimbabwe Declares Robert Mugabe's Birthday Public Holiday

⌚ 13:52:57  (foreignpolicy.com) 

Security Brief: US Officials Reassure Allies in Munich; Mueller Indicts 13 Russians

⌚ 06:56:30  (xinhuanet.com) 

UN envoy voices concern over Israeli-Palestinian violence

⌚ 08:34:01  (computerworld.com) 

Apple is not as good as its bottom line

⌚ 05:29:24  (herald.co.zw) 

UN warns of rising food insecurity across Africa

⌚ 11:49:03  (defensenews.com) 

Russia releases video of its modernized ballistic missile defense system

⌚ 08:05:28  (cnn.com) 

The least and most dangerous countries to be a newborn

⌚ 18:34:27  (blueandgreentomorrow.com) 

5 Myths About Today's Agriculture & Farming Industry

⌚ 11:30:28  (uk.reuters.com) 

UPDATE 1-South African rand, stocks slip ahead of budget speech

⌚ 10:14:23  (ewn.co.za) 

#RandReport: Rand, stocks slip ahead of budget speech

⌚ 16:53:43  (ewn.co.za) 

Kenya prevents two opposition activists from travelling abroad

⌚ 10:49:29  (forbes.com) 

'Black Panther': All The Box Office Records It Broke (And Almost Broke) In Its $242M Debut

⌚ 08:53:38  (ewn.co.za) 

Hawks: More arrests imminent in alleged Isis-linked kidnapping of couple

⌚ 10:04:52  (businesslive.co.za) 

Kenya allows opposition figures to travel to Zimbabwe

⌚ 08:22:40  (voazimbabwe.com) 

MDC-T VP Thokozani Khupe Beaten Up, Nearly Set on Fire in Hamlet At Tsvangirai Funeral

⌚ 08:30:38  (haaretz.com) 

Israeli Defense Chief Says Hamas Will Face 'Consequences' for Gaza Border Blast

⌚ 14:56:35  (allafrica.com) 

Kenya: Govt Returns Jimi Wanjigi's Passport After Night of Drama

⌚ 12:33:35  (newsday.co.zw) 

AMHVoices: Chamisa calculated his move

⌚ 10:08:50  (npr.org) 

'No Words Will Do Justice': Onslaught On Syrian Suburb Kills Scores Of Civilians

⌚ 20:46:06  (bulawayo24.com) 

Those saying Zanu-PF likes Chamisa are the ones who like Zanu-PF but hate Chamisa

⌚ 09:02:33  (wsj.com) 

Syrian Forces Backed by Russia Bombard Hard-Hit Suburb of Capital

⌚ 09:09:07  (vox.com) 

Why Shuri, Black Panther's teen girl genius, is Marvel's most promising character in ages

⌚ 13:37:29  (techcrunch.com) 

Say goodbye to Android Pay and hello to Google Pay

⌚ 09:43:33  (mirror.co.uk) 

Burnout Paradise Remastered announced for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

⌚ 09:26:11  (nydailynews.com) 

Survival rates for newborns in America nearly same as Sri Lanka

⌚ 09:37:33  (bgr.com) 

Go download iOS 11.3 beta 3 right now

⌚ 09:34:55  (mirror.co.uk) 

Burnout Paradise Remastered announced for Xbox One and PS4

⌚ 09:38:29  (newsweek.com) 

UNICEF: 1 Million Babies Live Less Than a Day Due to Poor Health Care

⌚ 17:47:33  (dispatchlive.co.za) 

Support pours in for Peter Ndoro after on-air blunder leads to 'time off'

⌚ 10:07:33  (theverge.com) 

Classic open-world racer Burnout Paradise is being remastered for Xbox One and PS4

⌚ 11:37:31  (breitbart.com) 

Israel Warns Hamas: Stop Violent Riots Or Face Harsh Consequences

⌚ 18:48:33  (timeslive.co.za) 

WATCH: SABC newsreader slips up & calls Zuma - 'Jacob Ramaphosa'

⌚ 13:51:35  (newsclick.in) 

India Needs To Care More For Its Newborn Babies, According To Unicef Report

⌚ 12:34:49  (theguardian.com) 

'It's not a war. It's a massacre': scores killed in Syrian enclave

⌚ 20:08:20  (businesslive.co.za) 

SA joins Afreximbank as a shareholder

⌚ 11:05:33  (newsweek.com) 

UNICEF: 1 Million Babies Live Less than a Day Due to Poor Healthcare

⌚ 11:03:33  (independent.co.uk) 

Syria: Bombs rain on Eastern Ghouta for third day as death toll rises above 150

⌚ 11:18:23  (dailymail.co.uk) 

More than 100 killed in Syria assault on Damascus suburb

⌚ 14:37:33  (thestandard.co.zw) 

Climate change reception cloudy

⌚ 11:34:57  (nehandaradio.com) 

Mpofu Parly probe over missing $15bn postponed

⌚ 11:34:57  (nehandaradio.com) 

Emotional send off for Morgan Tsvangirai

⌚ 12:16:04  (news.un.org) 

World is failing newborns; UNICEF says global mortality rates remain 'alarmingly high'

⌚ 12:03:33  (independent.co.uk) 

Syria: Bombs rain on Eastern Ghouta for second day as death toll rises above 150

⌚ 12:15:15  (dailymail.co.uk) 

Dying young in Pakistan, where babies face the highest risk

⌚ 15:37:36  (grist.org) 

How the mainstream media got played by Trump

⌚ 12:17:03  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Latest: Opposition accuses Syria of war crimes

⌚ 18:05:48  (wpxi.com) 

UNICEF says Pakistan is riskiest country for newborns

⌚ 14:24:07  (newzimbabwe.com) 

Diamond buyers masquerade as refugees in Mutare, says activist

⌚ 13:10:48  (cnn.com) 

Enclave bombarded by Syrian regime suffers deadliest day in 3 years

⌚ 13:46:42  (dailynews.co.zw) 

Potraz gets tough on NetOne

⌚ 12:50:48  (washingtonpost.com) 

One of the bloodiest attacks of Syria's war kills more than 100 in a rebel-held Damascus suburb

⌚ 14:41:03  (dailymail.co.uk) 

Mozambique president presses peace deal with opposition

⌚ 14:45:50  (dailynews.co.zw) 

Mzembi's prosecution challenge dismissed

⌚ 14:14:51  (bbc.com) 

Syria war: Fresh strikes on besieged Eastern Ghouta kill dozens

⌚ 14:32:45  (sowetanlive.co.za) 

Now that Zuma is out, what will happen to his family?

⌚ 14:53:39  (bbc.com) 

Iran plane crash wreckage 'found on mountain'

⌚ 17:03:16  (nehandaradio.com) 

Mzembi freedom bid thrown out

⌚ 14:28:34  (onegreenplanet.org) 

What's Missing From Every Environmental Book? The Simplest Solution to World Hunger and Climate Change

⌚ 16:44:33  (newsday.co.zw) 

Man and woman with alleged links to ISIS arrested in KZN

⌚ 17:31:11  (techzim.co.zw) 

Finally ZIMRA Is Updating System After Losing Millions

⌚ 15:10:42  (chronicle.co.zw) 

LATEST: 21st February is a public holiday – Govt reaffirms

⌚ 15:17:28  (newsday.co.zw) 

Chaos at Tsvangirai's funeral as succession battle intensifies

⌚ 17:01:31  (iol.co.za) 

Manhunt for Duduzane Zuma: 10 facts you need to know

⌚ 15:37:44  (newsday.co.zw) 

Kenya allows opposition figures to fly to Zimbabwe

⌚ 20:08:23  (ewn.co.za) 

Rand loses ground against dollar, markets await budget

⌚ 16:23:53  (ewn.co.za) 

Iran finds wreckage of crashed plane on top of mountain

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